Panji Sculpture - original place?

Seminars, publications, festivals, discussions on Panji have increased during recent years. See my article on ‚Budaya Panji‘ Article BudayaPanji 20140714 [PDF 7.3 MB]

My book about the Panji reliefs in ancient Javanese temples is a contribution to these activities. The book is available in the original English version (2013) and the Indonesian version (2014):

Lydia Kieven, Following the Cap-Figure in Majapahit Temple Reliefs. A New Look at the Religious Function of East Javanese Temples, 14th and 15th Centuries. Leiden: Brill 2013.
Since August 2015 in OPEN ACCESS: / pdf: Following+the+cap-figure.compressed [5.6 MB]
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Lydia Kieven, Menelusuri Figur Bertopi dalam Relief Candi Zaman Majapahit. pandangan Baru terhadap Fungsi Religius Candi-Candi Periode Jawa Timur Abad ke-14 dan ke-15. Jakarta: EFEO 2014.
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The website Pencinta Panji is an outcome of a meeting of Panji enthusiasts in Trawas /East-Java in September 2013.

Another website (Pusat Budaya Panji) by Henri Nurcahyo (journalist) presents a great number on Panji activities and information.

Adrian Vicker’s (University of Sydney) blog on Panji

My recent Panji activities in Java in August/September 2015:

Report in Indonesian language Pengalaman berkelana Agustus 2015 [4 MB]